Our farming practices incorporate organic and ecological principles. We never use pesticides or chemicals in our farming.

We focus on soil health and a bio-diverse landscape. We use hands-on farming techniques and minimal equipment use. We prefer "our feet on the ground and our hands in the dirt."

We are a Certified Bee-Friendly Farm. We received our certification from the national organization Pollinator Partnership for our commitment to provide forage and habitat to native pollinators on our farm and for our pledge to never use pesticides or chemicals in our farming. Our Bee-Friendly farm has been featured in ACRES USA and Growing for Market magazines for our commitment to native pollinators. Over 2/3 of our acreage is specifically devoted to wildlife, pollinator habitat and forage. We have native flowering plants throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall that provide continuous blooms and nectar for bees. Our woodlands and tall prairie grass provide habitats for birds, bees, beneficial insects and a host of wildlife critters from rabbits to deer.

We consciously keep our scale small to work the land in a beneficial way while providing the most nutritious food we possibly can.  Sustainable farming means more than just environmentally sustainable it also means economically and personally sustainable. Our farm is the culmination of our families hard work and endless enthusiasm to work together while enjoying nature, good food and good living. Keeping it small allows us to focus on quality. The quality of the food we produce and the quality of our family life.